OP Group Research Foundation


OP Group Research Foundation supports economic research, with priority given to research on cooperative banking operations.

Merger of OP Group Research Foundation and Kyösti Haataja Foundation

On 3 December 2018, the boards of directors of OP Group Research Foundation and Kyösti Haataja Foundation approved the merger plan of the foundations.

Consent by OP Cooperative’s Supervisory Board in accordance with foundation’s Bylaws was given at the OP Cooperative’s Supervisory Board meeting on 13 February 2019.

Kyösti Haataja Foundation has merged into OP Group Research Foundation as a merger by absorption in such a way that the assets and liabilities of the acquired Kyösti Haataja Foundation have transferred to the acquiring OP Group Research Foundation, and Kyösti Haataja Foundation has been dissolved. The merger execution was entered in the Foundations Register on 31 July 2019.

Through the merger of Kyösti Haataja Foundation into OP Group Research Foundation, it will be possible to better pursue the acquired foundation’s purpose in the future as a part of a larger whole and better serve the purposes for which the funds were originally endowed to Kyösti Haataja Foundation. Considering that OP Group Research Foundation is known better among researchers than Kyösti Haataja Foundation, the merger will also contribute to reaching such grantees who do research that is in line with the purpose of Kyösti Haataja Foundation.

On proposal by professor Matti Pohjola, the boards of directors of Kyösti Haataja Foundation and OP Group Research Foundation have decided that grants awarded to certain research fields can in future be named as Kyösti Haataja Foundation’s grants. Such research fields may include utilising the environment and natural resources for economic research or postgraduate studies.

Grants awarded by Kyösti Haataja Foundation will transfer to the liabilities payable by OP Group Research Foundation, numbering 17 and worth 147,304.67 euros for 1 January 2004–31 July 2019.

The seventieth birthday of OKO Bank’s long-standing Supervisory Board Chair, professor Kyösti Haataja, was celebrated through the establishment of Kyösti Haataja Foundation. Professor Haataja chaired OKO Bank’s Supervisory Board between 1920 and 1955. The foundation has wanted to specifically inform Kyösti Haataja’s relatives of the dissolution of Kyösti Haataja Foundation.